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About SactPro When we build relations with the people outside, maybe in terms or socializing yourself or maybe on working grounds, we help them enhance their skills, upgrade them from their present status or level and most importantly when one comes ahead to share is education or knowledge he helps people to stand up in this competition. In one’s entire life an estimated time he invests in gaining the education is approx. 21 years, after that moving into the corporate world for a job or entering in a business sector is what one wishes to seek. On the other hand, there are people who come up to share or transfer the same education they gained to the ones who are in need of education and knowledge or who lag behind to stand in this competition. SactPro is a linking pin to the world, where it connects the people to the ones who want education and the ones who want to share their pursued education, One can come up to give his services in the education sector, and then it is for the earning and the learning purpose. When you are beneficial to the society in terms of educating the people, it raises your status more than anything. You are praised by everyone, for the very good deed you do for their welfare. Education is the key to develop people and develop the nation. Education today is the key to win people, the more your knowledge will be, the more confident you feel and greater will be your success. SactPro helps you search the best teachers available in all streams of study and best institutes of the respective locations. It provides the best teachers for every subject for the learners to seek help from.
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Analysis and Design of Machine Components
Automobile Engineering
Automotive Fuels and Fuel Sysytems
Composites: Mechanics & Processing
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Industrial Production/ Maintanence
Design Engineering
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Systems
Dynamics of Machinery
Elasticity & Plasticity
Electro Magnetic Theory
Electronic Mesurement & Instrumentation
Energy Engineering and Management
Engineering Acoustics
Engineering Drawing & Graphics
Environmental Pollution Control
Finite Element Analysis
Fluid Drives and Control
Fluid Mechanics
Heat & Mass Transfer
Heat Treatment of Metals and Alloys
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Control
Industrial Robotics
Intelligent Systems
Internal Combustion Engines and Emissions
Jet Propulsion and Rocket Technology
Kinematics of Machinery
Machine Design
Machine Dynamics and Vibrations/ Acoustics
Machine Tool Technology
Manufacturing Technology
Material Science and Metallurgy
Mechanical Behavior of Engineering Materials
Metrology, Mechanical Measurements and Instrumentation
Mechanics of Machines
Mechatronics Engineering
Micro Machining
Micro-Electromagnetic Systems(MEMS) and Nano Technology
Modeling and simulation of Engineering Systems
Destructive & Non Destructive Testing/ Fracture Mechanics
Non-Conventional Energy Sources/ Solar Energy
Operations Research
Plant Layout and Material Handling
Product Design and Manufacturing
Production and Operations Management
Robotics: Mechanics Control and Programming
Steam & Gas Turbines
Strength of Materials
Welding Technology

Air And Noise Pollution And Control Analysis Of Indeterminate Structures Applied Soil Engineering Bridge Engineering Building Code And Requirements Building Science & Technology Civil Engineering Materials And Construction Transportation Planning Waste Treatment and Management Water Supply & Resources Engineering Other Highway And Traffic Engineering Hydraulics And Hydraulic Machines Hydrological Analysis Mechanics Of Structure Non Destructive Testing Of MaterialsCoastal Engineering Computer Aided Analysis And Design Concrete Design and Technology Design Of Foundation And Earth Retaining Structures Design Of Steel Structures Disaster Management And Mitigation Elements Of Earthquake Engineering Engineering Geology Engineering Optimization Environmental Engineering & Management Environmental Impact Assessment And Auditing Estimation And Costing Fluid Mechanics Geotechnical Engineering Ground Improvement Techniques Pavement Material And Design Precast Technology Railway Engineering And Airport Planning Remote Sensing And Gis Resource Management Soil Reinforcement And Geosynthetics Strength & Mechanics Of Materials Structural Analysis Structural Design And Drawing Surveying
$ 89,500
123 Fifth Avenue, NY 10160

Bedrooms: 1 / Baths: 1 / Sq Ft: 150 

$ 1300/mo
123 Fifth Avenue, NY 10160

Bedrooms: 2 / Baths: 2 / Sq Ft: 725

$ 1235/mo
123 Fifth Avenue, NY 10160

Bedrooms: 3 / Baths: 2 / Sq Ft: 1450 

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btech tuitions

Need and importance of B.Tech tuition

by SAC Engineering academy B. Tech Career, B.Tech Tuition

Need and importance of B.Tech tuition

Are you an engineering aspirant or currently pursuing an engineering degree?

Do you feel any difficulties with your studies?

We, SAC Engineering Academy have the solution for all your learning needs. We are providing B.tech tuition for students pursuing an engineering degree from almost all universities with many offers.

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Let us discover the needs and importance of B.tech tuition

Education has become expensive and difficult to complete it successfully. Many students are paying for their degree by taking loans. And it takes months or years to pay off their student loans.

So you have to work hard for achieving success and for making worth of what you have paid.

You will have a clear idea of what engineers can do at their work, but you may think why this course is considered to be one of the more difficult disciplines. Hopefully, you will have a science background in your higher secondary education with physics, chemistry, and mathematics as the major subjects.

Even then you may face difficulty in studying.

Here are some ideas to make it less difficult and acquire greater success with these tips:

From your school life itself, you can start your preparations. It will be better if you may take a couple of courses and online assessments. It will help you with spending your valuable time wisely, and also allows you to avoid the courses that you can’t handle well.

Know your strength and make decisions considering those strengths. Your interest and strength may be different. So plan in advance in which stream you can excel well.

Make a self-study plan and go through the way you have nicely. Make learning a daily routine and get a clear idea about what you have learned yet.

Tuition classes will be a better idea if you can’t handle your studies alone. It will also help students to clear their doubts and will have more insight into the subject.

Do you think that you need tuition? If yes, then contact us for getting more details about what we serve to our students.

What do you get from us ?

1.Classes are available for all branches of engineering – We have faculties for providing classes for all major subjects.

Syllabus of all major universities like OU,JNTUH,KU,KTU, Calicut, Anna, and Kerala are handled by our faculties – Our faculties are able to handle the syllabus of all major universities. And they have a clear knowledge about the important modules in each subject of particular universities.
IITians coordinates our classes – Every operation at SAC is coordinated by IITians and hence we are able to exhibit the quality of our classes that we provide to our students.operation
We have experienced faculties – Our faculties have experience of over many years and they are well versed in their respective subjects.
Individual attention is given for each student – We have a large slot of students, even then we are able to give individual attention to them for ensuring them with high scores in their exams.
Students are availed with continued assistance – Students are able to clear their doubts at any time and they can also make use of our services at any time even after completing their coaching for the specific exam they have enrolled.
Classes are taken on exam oriented basis – We make our students learn about the entire modules in each subject and give more focus on the important questions that are frequently repeated and our faculties always take the class on the basis of exam-oriented syllabus.
Areas handled by our faculties





5.Computer Science


7.Applied Electronics

9.Engineering Mathematics


Hope you have got some idea regarding our institute and how we provided classes. If you feel that you need training from our faculties, walk-in and register for your seats. Apart from B.Tech tuition for different engineering branches, we also have classes for :

Diploma subjects( polytechnic tuitions) in hyderabad,Higher secondary tuition – Tuition classes are available for higher secondary students.

Contact us for knowing more about the offers we provide with the students. Join Today Clear your subjects

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