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Life runs on health and wealth. But did you ever tasted the sweetness of respect, pride? I think the one who tasted or the one who is in the zeal to taste have different confidence on their face, the different tone in their voice and of course unique charm in the personalities. The pride comes when you reach your desire position and another from the work you do. But some position asks for your sweat and blood so that it can accept you. Even that designation makes you feel like a top on the world. Not only you even the person or you can society will bow down to you with respect. This is how looks like when you crack IAS or UPSC exams and ready to serve the society.
The service we to do for society, in any way is believed to be opening doors for heaven. If not so holistic, then think in this way. Isn’t it felt awesome when you give a little from your part to the one who cants afford it, being it clothing, money or food? This is how it works, every time you serve others you will feel the essence of pride, even people will love to give respect to you. An IAS qualified person struggles a lot to crack the exams, many huddles they cross just to reach a point where they can do something good for society, welfare work.
The UPSC service allows you to serve society in a wide variety of regions. From the village to the defence all is covered by the exams.
UPSC offers a post for 23 different Services which are filled through Civil Service examination(CSE) conducted by Union Public Service Commission(UPSC). Many people you can say in lakhs aspirants apply for the examination in those a hand full of candidates only qualify the exams. Some of the famous posts for which the race goes on are Indian Administrative Service(IAS), Indian Police Service(IPS), Indian Revenue Service(IPS) and Indian Foreign Service. Once you crack the exam according to rank, allotment of service follows up. So to get a good position you have to work harder, harder and harder. For more clear view below are enlisted jobs offered by UPSC.

Some of the job offered by UPSC are listed below. It serves 3 types of civil services

1.All India Civil Services
Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
Indian Police Service (IPS)
Indian Forest Service (IFoS)
2.Group ‘A’ Civil Services
Indian Foreign Service (IFS)
Indian Audit and Accounts Service (IAAS)
Indian Civil Accounts Service (ICAS)
Indian Corporate Law Service (ICLS)
Indian Defence Accounts Service (IDAS)
Indian Defence Estates Service (IDES)
Indian Information Service (IIS)
Indian Ordnance Factories Service (IOFS)
Indian Communication Finance Services (ICFS)
Indian Postal Service (IPoS)
Indian Railway Accounts Service (IRAS)
Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS)
Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS)
Indian Revenue Service (IRS)
Indian Trade Service (ITS)
Railway Protection Force (RPF)
3. Group ‘B’ Civil Services
Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service
Pondicherry Civil Service
Pondicherry Police Service
The exam is divided into 3 sections.
Prelims exams
Mains exam
The exam is conducted in offline mode. The prelims will have 2 papers, paper one and paper 2. In which paper one carries +2 for each right answer and -⅓ of marks for wrong one, and paper 2 carries +2.5 for every right answer and -⅓ for the wrong answer. Duration of each paper is 2 hours. Prelims are objective type whereas mains is subjective. Prelims for each exam 2 hours will be allotted and for mains 3 hours. The question paper will be set in both English and Hindi language, whereas the English or comprehensive section will be in English language only.
This is all about the exam patter which you need to keep in mind. And to crack this exam you need a proper guidance. A coaching centre which will help you to get a whole over look about the exams, its pattern and syllabus. Its having quite complex syllabus and preparing all the subject it one of the toughest challenge. This is where the academy help you.
Lets check it how the academy can help you.
How a CBS academy can help you as an aspirant?
As you have seen the pattern, competition level of the exam. The huddles are not less. And to practice first you have to know what path will help you, what subject your have to read, what section is important. If current affairs then of how many months knowledge you have to cover. Many other points to be clear, and for all that you need a coaching. An academy who can take out all the confusion from you, and gift you the clear vision.
The CBS academy have experienced teachers, who have thoroughly observed exam patter of many years. Even they had qualified and willing to teach you how you can crack and serve the society. Even they allow you to have mock exams and moreover mock interviews. Which plays a very crucial role for the aspirant. The academy have a good track record of students qualified and got a good All India Rank. The students will share their experience and you can get chance to clear your problem with experienced pals itself.
An academy not only prepare you for exams, the academy environment, the students with you all going to play major role as they keep pushing you. Motivate you to reach your dream. As these exams are not a cake walk you will see failure but the academy will try to keep your spirit up and achieve your dream.
For your convenience, lets check out some quick points that how can an academy can help you to crack UPSC exams. Some of the points given below:
The academy allow you to have a systematic plan, as syllabus is too vast to cover.
The experience teacher help you to focus on the important points, apart from teaching you the syllabus.
Student with you, will create a competitive environment.
Mock test are very important as both subjective and objective huddles are needed to be crossed.
A coaching centre having numerous advantages, but first as a student you should have dedication to crack exams. The CBS IAS academy is willing to support you, to become part of your journey toward success. Its just waiting for your decision to opt for the brightest and respective career you can ever desire have.


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