Branches of Biology

Branches of Biology

Morphology – the study which deals with total general structures and forms

Anatomy – The study of internal structures

Histology – The study of Tissues

Cytology – The study which deals with cells and their organelles

Karyology – Study which deals with nucleus
Physiology – Study deals with functions of various parts with in the organism

Taxonomy – the study of nomenclature and classification of organisms

Embryology – the study of development of embryo and its growth and repair

Immunology – the study of resistance against infection

Molecular biology – study of life sciences on molecular level

Genetics – the study of heredity and variations

Eugenics – study of improvement of human race by applying laws of heredity. It applies before birth , Eugenics is related with future generation

Euthenics – Study deals with improvement of the human race by improving the environment.

Euphenics – Study of improvement of human race by gene engineering or drug treatment.

Ecology – The study of the relationship between organisms and the environment.

Paleontology – The study of fossils and their distribution in time.

Anthropology – Study of apes and man.

Actinobiology – Study of radiation effects on organisms

Endocrinology – study of endocrine glands and their secretions ( Hormones )

Agrostology – study of grasses

Anthology – study of flowers

Floriculture – Cultivation of flower yielding plants

Olericulture – study of cultivation of vegetable yielding plants

Pomology – study of fruits

silviculture – study of cultivation of timber yielding plants

Bacteriology- study of bacteria

Cardiology – Study of Heart & its functioning

Haematology – study of blood

Angiology – Study of blood vascular system

Enzymology – study of enzymes and their activities

Serology – Study of blood serum

Hepatology – study of liver

Pulmonology – study of lungs

Ophthalmology – study of eyes

Osteology – study of bones

Myology – Study of muscles ( sarcology)

Neurology – study of nervous system

Dermatology – study of skin

Rhinology – study of nose

Trichology – study of hairs

Nephrology – study of Kidney

Craniology – study of skull

Odontology – study of teeth

Urology – study of urine and its diseases

Urobiology – study which deals preservation of dead bodies in liquid by chemicals

Traumatology – Study of wounds and tumor

Arthrology – study of joints

Chondrology – study of cartilage

Gynaecology – Study of Female reproductive Organs

Andrology- Study of Male Reproductive Organs

Phenology – study deals with the organisms as affected by seasonal climates

Pharmacology – study deals with the synthesis and effect of medicines on organisms

Parasitology – study of parasites

Toxicology – study of poisons , including their nature and detection and method of treatment

Nosology – study of diseases

Teratology – study of foetal malformations and monstrals

Oncology- study of cancer

Etiology- study of cause of disease

Neonatology – study of newborn up to two months of age

Gerontology – study of Growing old

Pathology – study of disease caused by organisms

Virology- Study of Virus

Trophology – study of nutrition

Tectology- study of structural organization of body

Kinesiology – study of muscle movements

Ichthyology – study of fishes

Batrachology – study of frogs

Herpetology – study of reptiles

Ophiology / Serpentology – study of snakes

Saurology – study of lizards

Ornithology – study of Birds

Mammalogy – study of mammals

Limnology – study of snails

Malacology – study of molluscs and their shells

Myrmecology – study of ants

Lepidopterology – study of moths and butterflies

Malanology – study of pigments

Entomology – study of insects

Zymology – study of fermentation

pedology – study of different types of soils

Ethnology – study of Mankinds

Kalology – study of human beauty

Oneirology – study of dreams

Ethonology – study of behaviour of animals

Dendrology – study of shrubs and trees

Dendrochronology – study of age of plants by counting the animal / growth rings

Hypnology – study deals with sleep

Apiculture – management and cultivation of honey bees

Sericulture – Management of silk industry and culturing of silk worms

pisciculture – study deals with the rearing of fishes

Phylogeny – Study deals with the Evolutionary relationship among different groups of organisms

ontogeny – study of various life cycles / embryonic history

Syndesmology – study of bone joints and ligaments

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