MBBS in Philippines

MBBS in the Philippines
MBBS in the Philippines considered being one of the most advantageous destinations for all learners. MBBS in the Philippines not only creates superior opportunities for the career of medical students but also makes the future bright. Medical learners are always engaged in studying MBBS in the Philippines. Universities of the Philippines offer World-class education in the medical field, nursing field, and pharmacy field, or many others. Those learners who graduated from the Philippines have high demand in the United States after passing the US Medical Licensing Examination. The duration of this MBBS degree is 5 to 6 years.

Moreover, the education system standards concluding for MBBS in the Philippines are very similar to the USA. University of Philippines considered the magnificent infrastructure and world best education along with highly qualified faculty.

mbbs in Philippines

Why should students study in MBBS in the Philippines?

Learners should study in MBBS in the Philippines as a career destination. There are many features to study in MBBS in the Philippines such as below:


  • Climatic conditions of the Philippines are very similar to India so Indian learners can do study and acquire the environment easily.
  • The communication and instruction medium is English, so learners do not need to learn any new language.
  • Students get the opportunity to show their knowledge because they need to appear on the NMAT Examination to take admission in the Universities of the Philippines. So this NMAT is a compulsory test, however no matter the learners pass it or no, they get easily enrolled in University.
  • University or college of the Philippines has highly experienced professors as well as eminent doctors. So, learners can get the best education or guidance from them.
  • MBBS in Philippines studying provides International exposure to students.
  • The curriculum of education in the Philippines is best influenced by the USA followed curriculum. Consequently, then it is very easy to clear the exam of USMLE.

Eligible Criteria for MBBS in the Philippines
Eligibility criteria include some important requirements for study MBBS in the Philippines. So the process of this Eligibility Criteria includes some features such as:

• Criteria of Eligibility concludes 50 percent in 12th class from Medical stream or Science streams such as Physics, Biology, Chemistry from CBSE, ISC or another State of Boards.
• Candidates must attain 18 years of age and must give all the certificates of qualification during admission applying.
• Certificate of Medical examination should be attached.
• Learners should be NEET-UG qualified which is conducted by NTA.

Procedure of Admission
Before getting enrolled learners should know research work or medical stream. Learners should apply for an Admission letter in the university by following these steps:

Step 1
Learners are responsible for fillup the form of application for a college or university. Application forms are available for the learners easily on the website of the University or college.

Step 2
Learners have to submit all the documents need for MBBS in the Philippines. Candidates are required to submit the documents must be checked appropriately at the time of application.

Step 3
University would provide a confirmation letter in the candidate name which signifies that learners have secured a seat of medical in the University.

Step 4
After that learners have to deposit fees into University.

Step 5
Learners should visit the Embassy of the Philippines for the process of visa. So when they visit the embassy then learners would be informed about the full visa process as soon as possible.

Step 6
Now the students get their visas and go to the Philippines for MBBS studying in the Philippines.

Duration of the course
The total period of MBBS in the Philippines takes 2+4 years for the 12th completed class students. For graduation, the duration of completion is 4 years. Besides, all the colleges or Universities offer 5 years of practical and classroom training along with one year of internship period is assigned to the learners.

Top Medical Universities in the Philippines
There are enormous best universities for MBBS in the Philippines such as:

1 AMA Medicine College
2 University of Cagayan State
3 University of Cebu Doctors Medical
4 Institute of De La Salle Health Sciences
5 Angeles Foundation University
6 University of South Western
7 University of Pangasinan University

Benefits for studying MBBS in the Philippines

The huge amount of advantages of studying MBBS in the Philippines are:
• The cost of living along with education is very affordable in the Philippines.
• Degree enlightened from the Philippines has acceptance globally.
• No donation is needed in the Philippines Universities.
• The authority of the country maintains the environment safe for both students International as well as National.
• Magnificient infrastructure with the World’s best education.
• Climatic conditions are also most favorable for the learners to acquire the environment easily.
• Easy communication, Students can do a study with the English language, don’t need to learn any other languages.
• Colleges or Universities of medical MCI approved in the Philippines give acclaimed degrees internationally.
• Safe environment not any threat to Students.
• Moreover, some students unable to get admission in India due to heavy competition, but they can study MBBS in the Philippines so the learners should not be deprived of it.

Prospects of future
Completing MBBS in the Philippines, Students are eligible to practice in 50 countries of the World. So after graduating from the Philippines, students will highly demand and earn more. MBBS in Philippines studying is a good opportunity for those learners who want to become a doctor in the future. Consequently, learners would have a bright future in the medical career in the Philippines, even after returning to India they have a good career because of good knowledge and use their exposure of international.

Hence, after completing MBBS in the Philippines students can get a broad range of opportunities for jobs in the future. So, MBBS in the Philippines is a great career option for the life of learners and makes the future bright.

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