Online Communication Classes

Online Communication Classes

As we all know communication plays a vital role in everyone’s life. And almost everyone strives to have good communication skills and even we want to learn this great skill. There are a lot many online communication classes.

These online communication classes are very much effective. As one can take the class from the comfort of their own place like there is a no need of travelling to the institutes and spending hours for the class. Because of the pandemic, everyone is worried about their health and are avoiding direct interaction with others. 

So, in this situation, the taking of online classes becomes more effective. Let us know what actually is online communication classes is?

First of all, we need to know what is communication. Communication is a vast concept. Am gonna explain it in a concise manner like “communication is the process or art of transmitting one’s thoughts, views to others either verbally or in writing. 

here, am gonna explain this with an example. Suppose in a classroom the teacher is teaching a subject and expects their students to understand the concept very well. And for this the teacher wants the student to note down the concept or subject whatever he/she is explaining. so, this was a basic example of communication.

Now, because of the pandemic, every class and meeting is occurring online. In the case of an online class or meeting what should be the communication? Lemme explain this with another example. Suppose if the teacher is giving an online class over mobile or laptop or desktop the students are expected to note down the concepts but in the case of online class the students are smarter they’ll take the screenshots for future references. Alright, so this process of transmitting the information from the teacher to the students over digital media is known as communication.

Till now it was all about verbal communication. Now am gonna discuss the written communication skills. So what actually is written communication. It is the same as verbal or oral communication. There in the first case, it was related to speaking and the second case is related to writing.

The written communication skill can be the easiest one when compared to the oral one because in written one can think and can write. In oral it will be like to speak then and there and may not get so much time for thinking.

How to develop a good communication skill

As we all know practice makes a man perfect. So do practise well and try to interact more with your loved ones there are two benefits of doing so. The first one is interacting with your loved ones will make you feel happy and u can also improve your communication skills as well.

There is a myth that if a person knows English well then automatically his/her communication skills are good. The reality is if someone can speak in such a way that the other person with whom he is trying to interact can able to understand what he is trying to say.

Here I wanna add this even if a person is speaking in his or her mother tongue then also they fail to convey the message they were trying to say. So it is clear that English should not only the only thing that should be considered while testing someone’s communication.  

Here am gonna share some tips that can help you with improving communication skills 

  1. The first and the important aspect is that the ability to engage your listeners 

Like there should not be boredom while you are speaking. You must choose the words or the sentence that are very catchy and can attract anyone 

  1. Should be clear about the message:

The most important aspect of the communication is you should be clear with the statement which you are trying to say like there should not be ups and downs or any other aspects that can irritate your listeners 

  1. Sweet conversation

            At the time of conversation, one should keep in mind that am interacting with human beings and my conversation should be sound and sweet. It should not be full of attitude or arrogance. If a person talks to you for the first time he should feel how sweet this person is and am enjoying being speaking to him and should want to speak to you multiple times. So this was one of the great characteristics a person can have in order to gain good communication skill

  1. Responding

Whenever you have been asked a question. Should not be in a hurry to answer that question. Either you should think first what you have been asked about? And who is asking you? Like if a kid asks you a question the answer will be different. And if the same question an elderly person asks the answer might be different. So, what I mean to say is think before responding. Take some time set some tone and then respond to any question 

  1. Listening 

If you want to get a good communication skill. You should develop and improve your listening skills too. It’s not about speaking only when it comes to communication skills it covers both speaking and listening skills. So take some time to listen to what someone is talking about to you.  

  1. Good Eye contact

Yes, this is again an important aspect to maintain good eye contact. Because without maintaining eye contact and just simply going on speaking and speaking looks like you are speaking to the walls and non-living things. Because to interact with human beings there should be a conversation that consists of speaking and listening 

  1. Ask your audience 

Yes, at the time you are giving a presentation or a meeting or anything in front of the public you need to ask and respect them. If the audience is expecting a brief speech you are going to deliver do so, 

  1. Good Body language 

The body language speaks more than you if you are presenting yourself in such a way that only by the style of your walk or by the tone of your voice the audience can get to know what are you trying to say.

So this was about how one can improve his communication skills. And if anyone wants to get proficiency in these skills can opt for online communication student with online tutors. As there are a number of institutes and even agencies that connect students with tutors. One of the leading agency that connects students and tutors online is Sactpro

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